Brett Snyder recently had his second kidney transplant. The first one he received Dec. 31, 2004 started failing the beginning of 2015.

Brett Snyder recently had his second kidney transplant. The first one he received Dec. 31, 2004 started failing the beginning of 2015.

Wife, Becky, explained he had surgery in January, 2016 to have a PD catheter placed to start Paratoneil Dialysis at home. After going through the transplant process he was placed on the kidney transplant list Feb. 1, 2016.

Monday, Brett received his second kidney.

“I started a kidney Facebook page for Brett which was suggested by his living donor coordinator Brenda Derry. From the page there were many people who came forward about donating, but for various reasons none of them worked out. Then one day, Aaron Grubb, who Brett has worked with at ADM in Havana for 10 years and became good friends with, called me one day back in 2017. Aaron said that he was interested in donating to Brett, but asked me not to say anything as he didn’t want Brett to get his hopes up in case it didn’t work out. Eventually Aaron talked to Brett about his wishes and tried reaching the transplant center a few times to no avail. After giving him another number to call, he finally got in touch with someone in January this year and filled out the papers to start the process. After going through testing and bloodwork he met with (the) transplant team on February, 14 (Valentine’s Day). His last of the testing and CT of the kidney anatomy was scheduled for March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day). Two days before Good Friday, Aaron got the call from the transplant center about dates for surgery and the day before Good Friday Brett got the call that they had a kidney that was a match. Surgery was scheduled for Monday, April 16,” said Becky.

The new kidney means so much for their entire family said Brett, “A new life, a third chance, as it is my second transplant, freedom from dialysis. For family it means more freedom and more time together, not having to leave family events early or being able to attend them at all since dialysis is not needed anymore.”

The surgery was lengthy. Between removing the kidney from Aaron and placing it in Brett it took around five to six hours.

Now that Brett has a new kidney he will have to take anti-rejection medication daily and follow doctors’ orders to prevent rejection of the kidney. He will be off of work six to eight weeks and have a 10-pound weight restriction to fully recover.

How does one possibly thank someone for donating a life-saving organ?

Brett says it is nearly impossible, “You just can’t thank them enough.”

Becky said she took several photos to commemorate the memorable day and have shared them on social media to show gratitude for such a selfless act.

Both Brett and Aaron have been discharged from the hospital and Brett’s longterm prognosis is good said Becky, “It’s hard to say, there’s no guarantee, but with proper care the kidney can last a lifetime. The statistics estimate a living donor to last longer than a cadaver kidney.”

Said the Snyders, “We would like to thank everyone for the past two plus years who have supported us through this journey. We would also like to thank those who helped and supported us for the Alport Syndrome Kidney Walk we held last summer at Ratcliff Park in Lewistown, the Facebook benefit auction site who raised money during Brett’s time off work, and many others who helped us out. We appreciate all that everyone has done for us and we will never forget it!”

Since the transplant, Becky has changed Brett’s Kidney Facebook page name to Brett’s New Kidney Journey Begins, “To follow his progress and journey, please like the page so you don’t miss any updates,” said Becky.

Aaron must be off work for six weeks. He only has two weeks of vacation to use as pay. That leaves four weeks with very little pay from his short term disability. As such a a gofundme account has been established. To donate go to