COLCHESTER - A special meeting of the City Council planned for early Wednesday night will discuss funding for needed street maintenance and consider bids for the project.
During Monday night’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Mayor Danny Bice said that the special meeting was scheduled so council members could have a chance to look over bids.
“I didn’t think it was right to open the bids today and not have these guys have a chance to look at the bids or know the numbers before tonight’s meeting,” Bice said.
Doug Erickson, of Benton & Associates Inc., which serves as the city’s engineering firm, said Illinois Valley Paving in Good Hope has submitted a bid for $65,857.75 to provide oil and chip work.
Bice said the city is about $9,000 short in its street maintenance funding and will have to rely on Motor Fuels Taxes to complete the job.
“What we have to do is change our appropriation,” Bice said. “We have plenty to do it.”
The project is the latest in a series of recent infrastructure maintenance and reconstruction jobs the city has undertaken in recent years. Last year, the city completed one of its largest projects to date, when it finished $4 million sewer reconstruction along South Street.
Bice said the city tries to address and complete maintenance to 15 percent of the town’s streets each year. He said that has become a more monumental task as state funding has been reduced in recent years.
“The Motor Fuel Tax money is so low that we get from the state now, a lot of times we have to save for two or three years,” he said. “We only get $24,000, when we used to get $36,000.”
On Wednesday, the council will meet to discuss and vote to approve the project. Then, Benton & Associates will give its recommendation before the council takes a vote.
The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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