CAMBRIDGE— Cambridge Lady Vikings took on three strong teams last week, gaining experience for the regionals which began Monday, Feb. 9, in Aledo.

 Cambridge Lady Vikings took on three strong teams last week, gaining experience for the regionals which began Monday, Feb. 9, in Aledo.

Stark County 47, Cambridge 41

 The Cambridge squad started the first quarter strong against Stark County Monday, Feb. 2, but in the end, fell 47-41.

 Using a combination of good offense and defense the ladies played consistent with Stark County for most of the first quarter and led by one point, 10-9, at the end.

 The second quarter was very similar. Even though Cambridge had a slight advantage, Stark County was always just steps behind. Both Cambridge and Stark County were playing at a similar level which left them both with a very close game. Cambridge again commanded the quarter with a slight lead, 11-10. 

 After the half, Stark County picked up their game, and it was the Lady Vikings who were now trailing behind. When it seemed that Stark County was going to have a huge lead, Cambridge started to pull things back together. Before the end of the quarter, the Lady Vikings had closed up most of the point gap, but Stark County still lead the quarter 16-13.

 Going into the fourth quarter, Stark County led by one point, a lead that Cambridge could overtake easily, but they still had to pull ahead if they wanted to win. Unfortunately Stark County was still pulling ahead this time. Time ran out before Cambridge had time to come back and Stark County took the quarter, 12-7. 

Monday, Feb. 2
@Stark County
CHS 10 11 13 7 41
SCHS 9 10 16 12 47
 Cambridge: Nimrick 14, Am. Kruger 13, As. Kruger 4, English 4, Stevenson 4, McKie 2, Fg-13, 3Fg-1, Ft-14-21
 Stark County: Turner 18, Price 10, Fabry 8, Groter 7, Stapel 2, Kieser 2, Fg-19, 3Fg-0, Ft-9-21

Princeville 45, Cambridge 40

 The first half of the Princeville game went well for the Lady Vikings as they took their home court for the last time this season Wednesday, Feb. 4. Two seniors, Erica Nimrick and Jasmine Beam, were honored.

 Both teams were playing at an even level. In the first quarter Cambridge looked like they were going to pull ahead, but at the end of the quarter Princeville pulled back, but Cambridge still managed to take the quarter, 10-9. 

 The same game was still being played by both teams in the second. This time it was Princeville who was at the slight advantage. It was a back and forth brawl between the two teams. Princeville took the quarter 10-9 and at half time, the score was even. 

 Things went downhill fast for the Lady Vikings in the third quarter. Princeville was playing great offense and Cambridge was having a hard time getting past their defense. As the quarter progressed Cambridge fell farther and farther behind. At the end quarter, Princeville scored 20 points to Cambridge’s five. 

 It was going to take a lot to comeback from the previous quarter. The Lady Vikings were down 15 points and now they were running out of time. Then things started clicking, and the Lady Vikings were making their comeback. Playing both great offense and defense, Princeville was having a hard time keeping up with the new Cambridge game play. Even though the Lady Vikings picked up their game they had a lot of points to make up from the previous quarter. When time ran out, Cambridge had the quarter 16-6, but it was not enough to win the game. Princeville was the winner 45-40.

Wednesday, Feb. 4
@ Cambridge
CHS 10 9 5 16 40
PHS 9 10 20 6 45
 Cambridge: English 15, Nimrick 11, Am. Kruger 10, As. Kruger 2, Stevenson 2 Fg-19, 3Fg-2, Ft-22-25
 Princeville: Whittaker 20, Dorrington 6, Storm 6, Calzavara 4, Godfrey 4, Dye 3, Morrissey 2, Fg-18, 3Fg-0, Ft- 9-12
United 60,Cambridge 28

 Cambridge started off strong against United in the first quarter Saturday, Feb. 7, but during the second half, United overtook them and won 60-28.

 Both teams were doing good at the beginning, but the Lady Vikings had a lead to start the game, but at the end of the quarter, United led 12-10.

 The second quarter went by fast. Both team’s offense was not up to what it had been. This time United started good, and it was the Lady Vikings who were behind. As time began to run out, the Lady Vikings were behind and United led the quarter again, 9-7.

 After the half things got even worse for the Lady Vikings. United was playing a better offense, and Cambridge could not keep up. The Lady Vikings were still playing hard, but kept falling behind United. United lead the quarter 12-7, and now had a substanial lead against the Lady Vikings.

 The fourth quarter was the last chance the Lady Vikings to comeback, but United was playing stronger than ever. Their offense was twice as good as it had been in the previous quarter, and they were playing better defense too. The Lady Vikings were having trouble keeping up at this point, and were having a really hard time making it to the basket. The quarter ended 27-4, with United taking the quarter and the game. 

Saturday, Feb. 7@ United
CHS 10 7 7 4 28
UHS 12 9 12 27 60
 Cambridge: Nimrick 8, English 8, Am. Kruger 5, Nuckles 4, As. Kruger 3, Fg-9, 3Fg-2, Ft-8-13
 United: Long 26, Christian 16, Murock 6, Karns 5, Toops 4, Youngquist 2, Kaywood 2, Winkler 2, Fg-27, 3Fg-0, Ft- 6-8.