CAMBRIDGE—Cambridge Vikings participated in the Lincoln Trail Conference Tournament last week. They played some good teams and lost two games.

 Cambridge Vikings participated in the Lincoln Trail Conference Tournament last week. They played some good teams and lost two games.

Princeville 61, Cambridge 50

 Game two of the tournament commenced for Cambridge when they took on Princeville Tuesday, Feb. 3. 

 The Vikings were already doing good after winning their first game of the tournament, but now they were up against a more difficult team. 

 The first quarter was rough for the Vikings. Princeville had a very powerful start, and it seemed that it was going to be hard for the Vikings to keep up with the competition. It was Princeville’s great defense that kept Cambridge behind. The quarter ended 20-10 with Princeville taking the lead.

 The Vikings picked things up again in the second period. They overtook Princeville’s defense, and then worked their way towards a comeback. Walsh was the leading scorer with eight points. When the clock ran out Cambridge was up 24-12 for the quarter, leading at halftime by two points.

 After the half, both teams were playing at an equal level for the most part, but about halfway through Princeville began to pull ahead. They were taking a lead little by little. The third quarter ended 16-7 with Cambridge now behind.

 The fourth quarter was the last chance for the Vikings to comeback or for Princeville to hold their lead. It seemed that after such a good first half, that both teams were tired and having a hard time keeping up with each other. This was another close quarter where things stayed close until the very end. When the quarter was just about over, Princeville pull ahead again and took the quarter 13-9 to win the game. This was an unfortunate loss for the Vikings, but the tournament was a double elimination meaning that they still had another chance.

Tuesday, Feb. 3@Princeville
CHS 10 24 7 9 50
PHS 20 12 16 13 61  
 Cambridge: Walsh 15, Lenertz 14, Nimrick 8, Carr 6, Sheahan 3, Wilkinson 2, Smith 2, Fg-16, 3Fg-3, Ft-9-10
  Princeville: Drew 20, Carter 11, Dylan 9, Jacob 8, Brandon 7, Michel 6, Fg-15, 3Fg-9, Ft- 4-11

ROWVA 53, Cambridge 48

 As the LTC tournament commenced, the Vikings found themselves playing ROWVA Friday, Feb. 6, at home.

 The Vikings had a good start in the first quarter. They were playing strong against ROWVA, and pulling farther and farther ahead as the game went on. Daniel Walsh was the point leader for the quarter, leading the team with nine points. At the end of the quarter, the Vikings led 15-8.

 Even after having a good start in the first quarter, the Vikings found themselves playing a more difficult game in the second. ROWVA started playing better offense and it showed by how well they were keeping up with the Vikings. The Viking defense was having trouble keeping ROWVA from scoring and as the quarter went on both teams stayed pretty close. When the quarter ended ROWVA was up 14-13, but the Vikings were still winning the game. 

 After the half, the Vikings started falling way behind ROWVA. They were having trouble getting past the new ROWVA defense. It seemed that every time they got in down the court, ROWVA was right there to take the ball back again. It made the quarter very stressful after how well the Vikings had done in the first half. ROWVA led the quarter 14-7.

 The Vikings were down, but not out as the fourth quarter started. They started the quarter playing a strong game, keeping things even with ROWVA. Then about half way through the quarter, ROWVA began to pull ahead. The Vikings were fighting hard not to let them get ahead, but it was not working. Walsh had the hot hand of the two teams, scoring nine points. Even though Walsh was doing good, ROWVA was just a little better. The quarter ended 17-13 with ROWVA taking the quarter and the game. 

Friday, Feb. 6 @home
CHS 15 13 7 13 48
RHS 8 14 14 17 53 
 Cambridge: Daniel Walsh 22, Lenertz 9, Carr 7, Smith 6, Sheahan 3, Nimrick 1, Fg-16, 3Fg-3, Ft-7-12
 ROWVA: Kovacik 21, Fogerty 18, McCarthy 9, Lepisto 2, Stewart 2, Hazlett 1, Fg-11, 3Fg-6, Ft-13-20.