This week, Meet Your Neighbor features Sandra Drescher, a veterinary assistant at Cambridge Vet Service for 18 years.

Name: Sandra J. Drescher (San)

Age: 69 in May of 2011

Occupation: Veterinary assistant at Cambridge Vet Service for 18 years.

Family: Husband, Bill, Jr.; daughter, Holly (Scott) Maruna - Gil, 16, Laura, 16, Martha, 14, all of Jacksonville; Melody (Juston) Vermost, Cambridge.

Residence: Rural route Viola.

Where were you educated: Grades 1-8 at Cambridge (Blue Demon cheerleader in seventh grade, pre-Vikings). Grades 9-12, Middleton, Wis.

Favorite Music: Oldies, 50’s and 60’s or classical.

Favorite book: “Last of the Breed”, a good murder mystery/courtroom, and anything by Louis L'Amour.

Favorite movie(s): “Duel” (Steven Spielberg’s first movie).

Favorite food: Nachos and salsa, pot roast, chili, breaded pork chops.

Favorite TV shows: John Edwards Crossing Over, Harry’s Law, Friday Night Lights.

Favorite sports teams: Let’s just say my favorite saying in sports is “And the ballgame is all over!”

If I were to live anywhere else, I’d choose: Madison, Wisconsin.

One of my cherished childhood memories is: Christmas at Grandpa Herb Poppleton’s with the Poppletons, Seatons and us (Mom Dorothy, Dad?Gene Smith and sister, Mary.) Soul of the earth people.

If I had one day to live any way I wished, I would like to: have won the lottery, pay all our bills and plan how I was going to share the bounty. After that didn’t happen, any day is a good day when I get to putter around our beautiful yard.

A philosophy I try to live by: “Things work out best for those who make the best out of the way things work out.” I first learned this quotation in this very publication from that ol’ Cambridge philosopher, Lyle Neumann, in one of your interviews.

I admire people who: Are genuine and not egotistical or arrogant.

People might be surprised to learn that I: Am a pretty good whistler. Also when I hear a word or phrase, I repeat it back to myself backwards. That’s probably just sick. I also love cryptograms and other word puzzles.

One person I’d like to meet is: My mother’s natural father, he disappeared when she was a baby and re-appeared briefly when I was a small child, then was gone again. No idea where he ended up.

If I could have my dream job it would be: I am living it. I can’t imagine a job I could love any better. But I’ve always wanted my own shop in Bishop Hill.

Some advice I’ve received that I think is worth passing on to others is: To use my sense of humor, especially in a tight spot. And to pray a lot.

Pet peeves: Inconsiderate drivers; the lack of respect kids are being taught by; visious gossip - it ruins lives; obscene vulgar video games.

I’m thankful for: my good health, my family, a beautiful place to live, my dear friend, Linda Pearson.