A semi-truck carrying more than 100 pigs overturned on to its side Tuesday afternoon after attempting to make a turn at the intersection of Lafayette and Calhoun streets in Macomb.

Officers at the scene said the truck wasn't traveling at a high rate of speed when it overturned. The trailer's load shifted mid-turn, causing the truck to tip over, landing on its passenger side. Parts of the northern fence along Chandler Park were badly damaged as a result of the crash. The driver of the truck was unharmed.

The company that commissioned the truck and its destination were still unknown as of Tuesday evening.

The pigs inside the truck could be heard squealing as crews waited for the arrival of a replacement truck.

"It's like a horror movie," said Macomb resident Jessa Coker.

Colchester resident Robin Cale, who works at Mosaic in Macomb, said she heard the crash and came outside to investigate.

"We heard the crash and ran out," she said. "As we ran up there, we saw gas on the ground and smoke."

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., Macomb Police officers cleared the area as crews began using a saw to cut open the trailer doors. The pigs were then directed up a ramp covered by a blue tarp, onto the replacement truck.

An officer at the scene said the area was cleared in case any of the pigs escaped while being extracted from the overturned truck.