The Geneseo Spring Artwalk & Open House takes place every Spring throughout Geneseo. The event celebrates Geneseo’s art community and small-town atmosphere, featuring outstanding shopping and dining options to visitors. Businesses throughout town host an artist –whether a gallery, musical performances, artistic workshops and even puppet shows!

However, due to COVID-19 public health guidelines, the Geneseo Spring Artwalk cannot take place as it normally does. So, we improvised!

The Geneseo Chamber of Commerce values the artistic contributions of our art community. Given the increased reliance on technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Geneseo Chamber decided to transform the Artwalk into a virtual event, and the Geneseo Virtual Artwalk was born! The Virtual Artwalk will be hosted on the Geneseo Chamber’s Facebook page (@GeneseoChamber) on Saturday April 25, 2020 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The Geneseo Virtual Artwalk will feature local artists of all ages. Art shared throughout the day will include galleries, videos of musical performances, workshop demonstrations, professional photography and more. Local businesses who normally host artists will be featured as sponsors for the artists, just as they would normally host an artist during the traditional Artwalk event.

“Geneseo’s Spring Artwalk and Open House traditionally serves as Springtime launch event for our Art and business communities.” Says Zack Sullivan, Executive Director of the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce. “While the event cannot be hosted in a physical location in 2020, we can still offer Geneseo artists and businesses the recognition they deserve during this difficult time. The response so far has been great! We are expecting at least 20 different artists to participate based on the feedback the event has been generating.”

Artists and businesses wishing to participate are encouraged to contact the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce for more information at 309-944-2686 or email at

The deadline to submit entries is 12:00 pm on Friday April 24, 2020. There is no cost for artists or businesses to participate.

For more information, call the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce at 309-944-2686 or visit