State Representative David Reis earned unanimous support from the House Transportation Committee last week in Springfield on a measure that would create a voluntary “In God We Trust” special state license plate program.  Reis says the legislation pays for itself and provides benefits to the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Home Fund. 

"I am very proud to be carrying legislation that would create the “In God We Trust” license plate program,” Reis said. “The would be voluntary for motorists that wish to display the familiar and beloved phrase on their license plate.”

Reis says the cost for the “In God We Trust” license decal plate program would come from a $26 fee that motorists would pay at the time they purchase the specialized license plate. $24 of the $26 fee would be given to the Illinois Veterans Home fund to help with administrative costs related to providing health care and other vital services to Illinois’ veterans. The other $2 would cover the cost of administering the program through the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

Reis’ HB 4401 has picked up several co-sponsors and now moves to the House floor for consideration. The bill is supported by various veterans’ rights and veterans’ affairs from across Illinois.