MACOMB – Tourism can be a vital source of income because of the money spent by out-of-town visitors at businesses such as hotels. Drawing people to the area is the primary mission for the Macomb Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (MACVB).
According to MACVB Director Jock Hedblade, funding for the MACVB has been generated through a hospitality hotel/motel bed tax, which is administered by the city, and then distributed to the CVB.
A tentative contract renewal between MACVB and the city would provide for 78 percent of the hospitality hotel/motel bed tax. The city retains the remaining percentage of this tax, which is used for its own needs. Hedblade said the convention and visitors bureau addresses any shortfall in its funding through grant writing requesting money from the state.
The city acts as a collecting agent for the hotel/motel bed tax and then distributes the contracted percentage of the hotel/motel tax to the convention and visitor’s bureau. There is also no minimum or maximum dollar amount, meaning the CVB would receive 78 percent of whatever dollar value is generated by the hotel/motel tax under the new contract.
The bed tax dollars are then used by the CVB to promote the city as a tourism destination. Tourists who visit the city and stay overnight generate the highest amount of taxable revenue because they spend money at places such as hotels, gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores, the movie theater and, of course, go to the various activities and attractions.

The CVB benefits from tourism because its primary source of income is from hospitality hotel/motel bed tax. The city benefits because visitors spend money at local businesses and attend events and attractions. Local hotels benefit when guests make an accommodation to stay in the city.
Information about the MACVB with a calendar of events occurring in the area can be found at
The Macomb Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau holds regular meetings at noon on the second Wednesday of each month. Their office is located in the Western Illinois Museum at 201 South Lafayette Street across from The Old Dairy.

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