Galva store scheduled to re-open April 27; grand re-opening May 11

The pace of work has picked up in recent weeks as the renovations near completion at Galva’s Casey’s General Store. In order to finish the job, the store will close for 12 days starting the night of Sunday, April 15. 

“Every day is an adventure,” said Lacey Burris, manager of the Galva store.

The adventure is scheduled to come to a conclusion Friday, April 27, when the store re-opens for business.

Construction crews arrived in late October 2017 and when finished, the Galva store will have a made-to-order sub sandwich station, walk-in beer cave and larger handicapped-accessible restrooms.

The work hit a snag, however, when some major plumbing issues arose. Construction activity ceased for several months at the store.

Burris said a determination had to be made — did the company want to tear up the floor to address the plumbing issues or look into some different, more feasible locations  in town?

“It was determined to go ahead with the work was the best option,” Burris said. “They were in too far to turn around.”

Originally scheduled to close for just four days to finish the project, the store now will be closed for nearly two weeks.

Outdoor construction is taking place on both the east and west ends of the building. 

The actual expansion to help create the sub sandwich station, beer cave and restrooms is taking place on the east side where the building is being extended 16 feet. On the west side, workers are building an outdoor grease trap.

Burris said a grand re-opening celebration is slated for Friday, May 11.