Kewanee Schools Superintendent Chris Sullens told the board at its June meeting Monday that next year’s budget process should go more smoothly since the state has finally approved a working budget of its own.
The board approved a revised budget following a public hearing that reflects revisions made since the board OK’d a tentative budget in September.
“Things are still somewhat up in the air as far as revenue minus expenses,” he said.
He said the past year has been particularly difficult to navigate because the governor signed the new funding package so late last year, which held up aid payments until April. He said there also has been uncertainty in the past year about the amount of promised new state aid. The district’s construction project at Belle Alexander School, which will be completed over two budget years, has also made accounting more difficult.
As it stands, the district budget is about $66,000 short in the education fund, a number Sullens said will probably decrease by the end of the fiscal year.
“I think it’s going to come out much better than that,” he said.
Next year should be smoother for planning, he said, because of the approval of the state budget and the new Evidence Based Funding model.
“We’re not being held in suspense for as long a time,” he said. “Hopefully, the new funding will be flowing on time this time.”
School principals  reported that 57 high school students and 270 students from other grades are attending summer school.