WYOMING – A Wyoming family narrowly escaped an early morning fire on Tuesday.
Twelve-year old Nolan Snider initially discovered the blaze shortly before 1 a.m. in the bathroom of the two-story home.
According to Wyoming Fire Chief Ed Foglesonger, the youngster apparently discovered smoke in the hallway as he was attempting to access the bathroom and alerted his sleeping parents by hollering “fire.”
Ryan Snider was able to reach his oldest son, but according to Foglesonger, the two became trapped and unable to get back past the area in front of the bathroom because of the growing flames.
Snider reportedly had an emergency chain ladder nearby that he was able to place outside a nearby window and then use to climb down to safety.
But Brandi Snider and the couple’s two younger children, son Wyatt and daughter Nevaeh, still remained inside the upstairs of the home.
Foglesonger stated that Mrs. Snider and the two children managed to escape through another window onto the roof of their front porch. At that point Ryan backed his truck up to the front of the home and placed a ladder in the back of the vehicle to help the remaining family members escape.
All of the family members were outside the home upon the Wyoming Fire Department’s arrival. Ryan had called the sheriff’s department, which dispatched the fire department. The neighboring Toulon Fire Department was also dispatched following a call for mutual aid.
Fire officials reported that the fire was contained to the upstairs of the residence but that the entire home had smoke and water damage.
The family pets, including a dog and a cat with kittens, all escaped unharmed. The animals were being kept for the night in the basement.
Illinois State Fire Marshal Robert Sollberger was dispatched to the scene to assist in the ongoing investigation into the cause of the fire, which is suspected as electrical in nature.
Firefighters remained on the scene until after 4 a.m.
The Snider family sought temporary housing and the Red Cross was notified for additional assistance.
Foglesonger stated that the couple did have insurance on the home.