Festival-goers encounter pioneer re-enactors

MACOMB — A Mormon pioneer reenactment group called Nauvoo on the Road participated in Heritage Days over the weekend.
Nauvoo on the Road is a group of pioneer reactors showing what life was like in the 1840s through performances, activities and demonstrations. Their reenactment concluded with a Lincoln impersonator who stood on the courthouse east steps to deliver a speech.
“What we have brought today is a little sample of pioneer history and crafts our Nauvoo Historic Site,” Elder Dean Pettit said, who spoke on behalf of the small group of historic re-enactors who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
“What we have is a rope making machine that shows how pioneers made rope, we have pioneer children’s games and we also have weaving to show how a rug is braided together and we have a spinner,” Pettit said as he pointed out the various activities and demonstrations inside their tent on the east lawn of the courthouse.
“One of our sister missionaries is here who uses a spinning wheel to show how wool is spun into yarn, and then later on will be made into (all manner of woolen items) that pioneers would have made. They made everything by hand and hand crafts,” Pettit said.
“And, then, one of the other things we have on the end of the table here is a family history. People want to know where they’ve been, who their ancestors were and find some stories.”
Pettit said they offer an archival service at familysearch.org, a free-to-access service which he described as “the world’s largest gemological library.”  
For more information, visit https://www.historicnauvoo.net/

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