COLCHESTER – On Thursday, the West Prairie board of education focused on two campus scenario options that emerged out of their Impact 103 community engagement forum.
The two scenarios reviewed during this meeting were Configuration 3C, which places grades seven through 12 at the High School in Sciota, and places pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade students at both of the current north and south elementary schools in Colchester and Good Hope, Superintendent Dr. Carol Kilver said.
Configuration 3C was compared with a community option would put grades seven through 12 at the middle school in Colchester and keeps the north and south elementary schools open as well.
“So, we just reviewed all of those elements, and decided to create criteria and look at options for what will help us make a decision,” Kilver said. “So, we narrowed that list (of possible campus configurations) down tonight.”
On August 23 at the Middle School, architectural manager David Leggans at Farnsworth Group Inc. will go over the Health Life Safety report, a 10-year school evaluation per school code.
“Leggans will give us an update on our buildings based on the school code criteria,” Kilver said. “In Health Life Safety, basically there are certain standards by which schools operate as public facilities, and so they look at the infrastructure of your building and decide what things might need to be repaired, what things might need some improvement and what are some of the things that we might need to bring up to code.”
“It can be anywhere from looking at your parking lots to roofs, boilers – those parts of the building that are not necessarily exposed to the general public when they come into a building,” Kilver said. “So, it’s really getting into the nuts and bolts of a district, which includes the warranty and life expectancy of some our internal equipment, athletic facilities and talk to you bleachers and things of that nature.”
The Life Health Safety report is a comprehensive review of the district’s facilities. The report by Leggans will have an impact on determining which campus configuration the school board chooses to elect for the short- and long- term planning in the district.

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