Pat Lillis, a 2009 Geneseo graduate, and his wife, Kiersten, will appear on an episode of the HGTV show “House Hunters.”

The pair will be shown hunting for a home in Longmont, Colo., in an episode to air at 9 p.m. (Central Time) Thursday, April 18.

“Our realtor, Kristen Naylor, reached out to us and asked if we’d be interested in applying for ‘House Hunters.’ She’d made the acquaintance of a casting producer for the show through a Denver area realtors group and he'd sent out an open invitation for realtors to pitch their clients,” said Kiersten.

“It was kind of funny, actually, because Pat and I had joked before we’d even hired a realtor that we should go on ‘House Hunters,’ not thinking that was an actual possibility. And then, lo and behold, the opportunity presented itself. We decided it would be a fun experience to apply, never thinking they’d pick us. But we went through the application process and it turned out they liked us.”

Kiersten said, “I have a background in video production, so being behind the scenes wasn’t really new for me. Most of what I’ve done has been corporate or scripted, so seeing reality TV from the other side was interesting. It still amazes me how much work goes into creating such a short program. We shot for five days and about eight-ish hours each day, which nets about 22 minutes of actual edited program that airs.”

“I don’t watch a lot of reality TV shows, so it was really interesting to see how they managed to keep it unscripted but still follow certain formulas and common story beats. This was a combination of strategic house choices by our realtor Kristen and hard work by the production crew. For example, Kiersten and I tend to agree on just about everything so Kristen made sure to show us houses with features that would spark disagreement and discussion,” said Pat.

“I had a lot of fun showing off some of our favorite parts of Longmont,” he noted. “In between house tours, we shot footage at shops, restaurants, and a dog park, which are all places that made us fall in love with living in Longmont and want to buy a house here.

Kiersten added, “I think what I enjoyed the most was getting to share the experience with Pat. We love to try new things together, and being on a reality TV show is not something I ever would have wanted to do alone. The fact that we'll always have this memento of buying our first home together is so special and unique, and I'm so grateful I got to experience it with my best friend.”