Porches, pools and patios are a sure sign of summer, and six of the unique outdoor settings will be showcased at a Porch Party in the Geneseo area.

The event, which includes much more than porches, is co-sponsored by First United Methodist Church and the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center, and is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 29.

Tickets are available at the Geneseo Chamber office and at Designs on the Boulevard, Pegasus, Four Seasons, Local Motive, all in downtown Geneseo, and at First United Methodist Church; Sunnyfield Greenhouse, Galva; Green Thumbers and Wallaces in Davenport; Teske’s in Moline and at the Corn Crib Nursery in Coal Valley. Tickets also are available at those locations for a raffle drawing for a “Supertunia” basket from Pink Prairie Gardens. More information

also is available at facebook.com/GeneseoChamber.

Guests will be asked to present their tickets when they arrive for the salad luncheon featuring homemade salads and breads at the Methodist church, 302 North State St. Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gift bags containing coupons redeemable at local businesses will be distributed randomly at the luncheon.

Diana Holbrook, committee member who represents the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce and a Geneseo business owner, said, “Let's help bring back the good 'ol days of sitting in your neighbor's porch and drinking lemonade and taking time to visit. Visit like you used to back in the day and enjoy the company, you know, how you did before cell phones, and all the while enjoying the beautiful yards at your leisure that our gracious hosts have worked so hard on.

“This is something dear to my heart, it is a cherished memory that I shared with my mother and two sisters when I lived in Ohio,” she said. “It is my pleasure to share this wonderful memory with our community.”

Holbrook said the goal with the porch party is to bring the community, the churches and the business community together.

Proceeds from the event are divided between the Geneseo Chamber and the Creative Souls at the Methodist church.

Barb Nelson, chairman of the Porch Party for the Methodist church, is also chairman of the church’s Creative Souls team.

Four years ago the church completed a 17,000 square-foot addition which includes a 465-seat sanctuary.

“Within the sanctuary we have fresh new ideas and a much larger area to cover,” Nelson said.

The Creative Souls team serves as the hosts and hostesses for events at the church.

“Our group is responsible for the seasonal décor as well as providing a welcoming atmosphere for the weekly events,” Nelson said. “We are honored and thrilled whenever we have guests within our facility.”

“Our church family steps forward for our yearly salad luncheon and you will undoubtedly be treated to a vast array of unique and delicious salads on the day of the tour,” she said.

“We do not operate under the budget of the church,” she said, “We look forward to the upcoming porch party so we will be able to add to our funds for future needs. We try to be very thrifty with our purchases. Several of us are what you would call big-time bargain shoppers.”

The Porch Party Tour:

• Neil and Sandy Fuller, 16006 Weber Rd.

• Bill and Kathryn Hanford, 890 Mulberry Dr.

• Ralph and Linda Soderholm, 114 Rustic Lake Dr.

• Vince and Cindy Newton, 845 Pluto St.

• Casey and Marsha Welfer, 811 Oriole Ct.

• Florence Love Garden in Richmond Hill (Across from Barn Theater. The garden was an Eagle Scout project for Payton DeMay.)