CANTON-The City of Canton is informing all water customers and satellite communities the Ranney Collector Well system the City uses as one of its source water supplies is experiencing low levels of usable raw water.

The City is currently investigating the potential causes for the lack of available water. The findings will determine the amount of time required to restore the well’s level to usable elevations.

While this work is ongoing, Canton will be supplementing this lack of available raw water by utilizing its second source of water, Canton Lake.

The addition of Canton Lake’s water into the treatment plant and distribution system may result in changes to taste and color in Canton’s water.

All water will continue to meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Customers are encouraged to call with questions or comments regarding their water and/or observations.

Contact numbers for questions or comments are:

•Canton Water Treatment Plant-309-647-0060

•Canton City Hall Public Works Office-309-647-5022

•Water Billing Department -309-647-0288

•Caleb Hale-Water Superintendent 309-224-8847

The City of Canton wishes to express their sincere commitment to providing clean, safe drinking water to the customers of Canton and Fulton County.

“We apologize for any inconveniences this situation may cause.”