The Tumbling Tornados recently hosted the 35th annual Christmas Classic tumbling meet at the YMCA in Canton.

CANTON-The Tumbling Tornados recently hosted the 35th annual Christmas Classic tumbling meet at the YMCA in Canton.

Fifty-eight team members competed against over 400 athletes from 22 other gyms in tumbling (floor), double-mini, and trampoline events.

The Tornados earned 20-First Place, 24-Second Place, and 20-Third Place awards during the two day meet.

The team will compete in Belvidere, Jan. 18 and 19.

Christmas Classic meet results follow:



First Place: Havenley Eskridge

Fourth Place: Charlotte Wiley

Seventh Place: Claire Lee, Seventh Place, Josie Long


First Place: Hadley Eskridge

Third Place: Charlee DeRenzy, Bailey Deushane

Fourth Place: Carley Gilliam, Aniston McMaster

Fifth Place: Addison Decker, Alice Long, Kenzie MacVean

Sixth Place: Ainsley Porter

Eighth Place: Shelby Holder, Matthew Kruzan


Second Place: Piper Teresi

Third Place: Ava Essex

Fourth Place: Morgyn Guppy, Juleahana Richardson

Fifth Place: KayLynn Carr, Ellie Duley

Sixth Place: Olivia Duncan

Seventh Place: Ra’Niya Taylor

Ninth Place: Ava Ashley


Fourth Place: Payton Provence


Second Place: Kinzie Ater, Izzy Delost

Third Place: Mollie Cornell

Fourth Place: Kaelyn MacVean


First Place: Hannah Uryasz

Second Place: Isabelle Lee

Fourth Place: Jenaya Moore



First Place: Bailey Deushane, Carley Gilliam

Second Place: Hadley Eskridge, Havenley Eskridge, Asher Juska, Matthew Kruzan, Kenzie MacVean, Ra’Niya Taylor

Third Place: Delaney Juska, Marlee Mench, Harlow Williams

Fourth Place: Aniston McMaster, Piper Teresi

Fifth Place: Ainsley Porter, Presley Vermillion

Sixth Place: Peyton Douglas, Shelby Holder, Claire Lee, Alice Long Seventh Place: Mylee Dawson

Eighth Place: Charlee DeRenzy, Amelia Joachim, Josie Long, Charlotte Wiley

Ninth Place: Eleanor Mendenhall


First Place: KayLynn Carr, Kylee Rauch

Second Place: Isabella Haggard, Emma Wuebbling

Third Place: Ella Essex

Fourth Place: Payton Provence

Fifth Place: Ava Ashley, Ellie Duley, Olivia Duncan, Ava Essex

Sixth Place: Cassidy Carr, Mayci Richardson, Julia Tourtillott

Seventh Place: Penelope Black

Eighth Place: Lily Smith

Ninth Place: Kate Fitzjarrald


First Place: Caden Mowen, Hannah Uryasz

Second Place: Juleahana Richardson

Third Place: Izzy Delost, Carter MacVean, Kaelyn MacVean

Fourth Place: Alina Mowen

Fifth Place: Cadence Larkin, Makayla Teresi

Seventh Place: Morgyn Guppy


First Place: Mollie Cornell, Sydney Munson

Third Place: Kinzie Ater

Fourth Place: Makyla Marvel



First Place: Hadley Eskridge, Havenley Eskridge

Second Place: Bailey Deushane, Amelia Joachim, Matthew Kruzan, Claire Lee, Ainsley Porter

Third Place: Mylee Dawson, Charlee DeRenzy, Delaney Juska

Fourth Place: Shelby Holder, Presley Vermillion

Fifth Place: Peyton Douglas, Carley Gilliam, Alice Long, Josie Long, Aniston McMaster, Ra’Niya Taylor, Charlotte Wiley

Sixth Place: Eleanor Mendenhall

Seventh Place: Ella Essex


First Place: Olivia Duncan, Piper Teresi

Second Place: Cadence Larkin, Kylee Rauch

Third Place: Cassidy Carr, Asher Juska, Kenzie MacVean, Mayci Richardson, Lily Smith

Fourth Place: Marlee Mench, Payton Provence

Fifth Place: Ava Ashley, KayLynn Carr, Ellie Duley, Harlow Williams Sixth Place: Penelope Black, Ava Essex, Isabella Haggard

Seventh Place: Julia Tourtillott

Eighth Place: Kate Fitzjarrald, Emma Wuebbling


First Place: Caden Mowen, Makayla Teresi, Hannah Uryasz

Second Place: Carter MacVean, Kaelyn MacVean, Alina Mowen

Fourth Place: Izzy Delost, Juleahana Richardson

Fifth Place: Jenaya Moore

Seventh Place: Morgyn Guppy


First Place: Kinzie Ater, Sydney Munson

Third Place: Mollie Cornell

Fifth Place: Makyla Marvel