More vandalism in Altona and two juveniles were arrested last Thursday.

It was reported at the village board meeting last Thursday that 13 and 14 year old males were arrested by Knox County Sheriff’s Department reported a Knox County Deputy. Mayor Derrick Appell told the board that in the recent vandalism spray painting had been done to the Ransom Memorial Library and some on the new playground equipment in the downtown park.

The board unanimously approved a  new contract with T.R Rubbish Trash of Victoria for the weekly trash pick-up in the village. This is the current provider.

The board voted 4-2 to approve the appropriations ordinance. Those in favor were Shirley Kistler, Keith Holland, Nick Morris and Brian DeVito. Those opposing the ordinance were Dale Grawe and Ryan West.

The board voted unanimously not to let two Altona juveniles do public service work in Altona  which is from Rock Island County. The board said that there was no one to supervise  the juveniles after school and on week-ends.

The board approved $250 worth of flower pots for the downtown area.

The board members are to read Chapter 3 of the code book and see if there is any changes they would like to have the attorney address.

A few changes mentioned was to put some teeth in the ordinance which addressed keeping properties up to standards if you want to live in Alltona.

Also the ordinance addressing no smoking in the parks will also include vaping and cannabis.

Chapter 3 also includes trees. The board suggested that no more trees be planted between the sidewalk and the street.

The board discussed getting the ball diamond dugouts and shelters repainted and the diamond upgraded so maybe some ROWVA teams could use it.