A slow Election Day resulted in an 18.44 % turnout on March 17. The turnout in 2018 was 21%, so the Clerk's office felt that it was comparable to past election years.   The only competitive contests on the ballot were for the Democratic nominee for President,  Republican candidate for Congress in the 17th Congressional District, and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.  There
were two candidates on the ballot in Geneseo for a non-partisan Aldermanic position.

In all, 6446 ballots in Henry County were cast.  President Donald Trump (R) and Joe Biden (D) were the frontrunners in the primary.  At this time, the contest for the Democrat nominee will likely go to the Convention in July for final determination, with Biden leading in the Delegate count.

In the race for Republican candidate to face off against 24-year incumbent Dick Durbin (D) in the Fall, former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran received more than 41% of votes statewide in a five way primary. Curran was the top vote-getter in Henry County.

In the 17th Congressional race, Esther Joy King ,(R-East Moline), soundly outdistanced William Fawell of Galena both locally, and statewide. King will be facing 4-term Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline) in the November election.

Win Stoller (R-Peoria) will be the Republican Senate nominee to the 37th Legislative District.  At this time, he faces no Democrat opponent, but a candidate may be slated at a later date. An independent candidate may also qualify for the ballot by the June 22 deadline.

Tony McCombie (R-Savanna) is the current Republican Representative in the 71st Representative District will be in a rematch from 2018 with Joan Padilla, the Democrat challenger.

Dan Swanson (R-Woodhull), Representative in the 74th District at this time, will face Christopher Demink of Sherrard in the General Election.

There were no other contests within Henry County, with the exception of a race for Geneseo Alderman in the 2nd Ward, between Bob Wachtel and Bill Preston, with Wachtel gaining a 2-1 margin of victory.

Referendum items that were voted on within the County were the extension of City of Geneseo officer terms, which was defeated, 750-336 with terms remaining at 2 years. The Coal Valley Fire Protection District had two items on the ballot, regarding specific increases in tax rates for the Fire District which passed by nearly a 2-1 margin, and an increase for the Fire District on an ambulance tax, passing by a similar margin.