Sunday, May 17, would have been graduation day at Orion High School. But stay-at-home orders designed to limit COVID-19 cases forced the cancellation of the ceremony.

Instead of graduation, the high school will stream the academic awards ceremony at 1 p.m. Sunday.

And at 3 p.m., when many of the seniors would have been headed to graduation ceremonies, the high school will host a town cruise to honor them.

Seniors are asked to gather in the student parking lot at the high school between 2:45 and 2:55 p.m. Sunday, Principal Nathan DeBaillie said. They are encouraged to decorate their car, truck or vehicle .

School staff members wearing masks will line up the cars, the principal said. Each car may have only one senior and a driver who is a member of the senior’s household. Seniors may not double up in vehicles.

Seniors and their drivers must remain in their vehicles, he said. No one will be allowed into the building to use the restrooms.

Drivers and passengers will not be allowed to distribute candy, which would tempt children to violate social distancing rules, DeBaillie said.

People wishing to cheer the seniors are encouraged to watch the parade from sidewalks in front of their houses, the principal said.

“No one should congregate in groups other than direct household family,” DeBaillie said.

“Everyone needs to adhere to social distancing recommendations and respect the space of others as large social gatherings are not permitted at this time.

“No one should park in front of a house on the route without permission,” the principal said.

District residents who live outside of Orion may watch from parking at C.R. Hanna Elementary School, Orion Middle School, the school district office and Central, he said.

From the high school, cars will turn left onto 13th Street, then veer onto 14th Avenue A for one block before turning right onto 14th Street.

At 15th Avenue, the parade will turn right and go one block to 12th Street.

Turning right, the cars will go to the dead end and turn back onto 14th Avenue A to pass C.R. Hanna.

At Eighth Street, the parade will travel south across 15th Avenue to the dead end, then right for a block to Seventh Street. Back at 15th Avenue, the cars will turn left to go to Fifth Street, where they will turn right.

At 14th Avenue, they will turn left to travel west for a block to Fourth Street. A right turn there will take them to Central Park.

At 12th Avenue, the parade will turn right and go past the park and the middle school to 13th Street.

The cars will go north to 11th Avenue, then turn left to go past the superintendent’s office and all the way to Fourth Street, where they will turn right.

At 10th Avenue, the parade will turn right and travel to 12th Street. They will turn left and go north to the dead end, turn right and return to 13th Street to head back to the high school.