Knowledge and experience

Dear Editor,

March 20 is our primary election day. I have never publicly expressed my views to the editor before but because of the importance of the situation, I am writing today to encourage everyone to get out to vote for Sheriff.
I am voting for Justin Lundgren to be our next McDonough County Sheriff. I have known Justin for many years and appreciate all of his years of service to our sheriff’s department. His knowledge of our county and decades of experience helping the people here is nothing short of impressive. Justin is aware of the types of crime that affect us and has a long history of solving these crimes.
His experience clearly sets him apart from all other candidates in this race. But Justin’s experience and history of looking after the residents of McDonough County is even more impressive when you take into account the manner in which he goes about his business. Justin is focused on getting answers to the problems of citizens, and doing everything he can to make right the wrongs done by criminals in our area.
Residents call the sheriff’s department for many reasons. Sometimes they call to get simple questions answered and other times they have very serious emergencies. This wide variety of responsibilities and issues is what makes Justin’s “open door policy” vital to the success of our Sheriff’s office. Experience talks, and history talks. Justin has proven to the residents of McDonough County that he has and will put the public’s needs first and will continue to be the great leader our community needs.

Susan VanBrooker