To the Editor,

At a time when ever-evolving criminal activities and law enforcement methods continue through legal challenges and changes, we find ourselves at the point where we need expertise and leadership. Dedication to detail and a sense of duty, coupled with integrity, are paramount in the selection of our county’s top law enforcement officer.
During my thorough research of all candidates, I believe no one stands out as being more ready, more capable or more passionate about our citizenry, our county and our Sheriff’s office personnel than Justin Lundgren, a top-notch investigator who has a quarter century of continuous service to McDonough County. All the training in the world does little to keep you up to speed on the latest methods and technology unless you are continuously working with a hands-on approach.
Such is the case with Mr. Lundgren. He has served us proudly and with distinction. His well-rounded job knowledge has been a credit to our county and a reliable asset. Justin has been recognized, by others, for his reliability, job knowledge and professionalism while being respectful of others and treating everyone with dignity.
Mr. Lundgren began his career in 1993 as a correctional officer and dispatcher, then as a deputy and K9 handler. He has served as a Crimestoppers coordinator while also serving as the Blandinsville Chief of Police. Justin became a lieutenant in 2008 and became involved in federal and state narcotics teams, gang interdiction, covert operations and technical and tactical surveillance systems operations.
In 2013, Justin became the chief deputy and was responsible for jail operations, patrol and investigations operations, policy and development, courthouse operations, human resources and budget management. In 2015, Mr. Lundgren decided to further his areas of expertise by opting to take an investigator position within the department, dealing with felony crime and crimes against children as a lead homicide investigator, in which he still serves.
He has attended the University of Illinois Police Training Institute for certification, Texas State University for Train the Trainer instructions for active shooter and terrorism response, the Illinois Association of Homicide Investigations and Kaplan University for Criminal Justice/Law enforcement Administration as well as WIU for Law Enforcement Justice Administration. His career has landed Justin with honors such as two commendations in efforts to fight violent crime from the US Attorney’s office, a letter of appreciation from the US Attorneys office and police officer of the year in narcotics and gang enforcement.
With all of these qualities, no other candidate stands out as being more qualified than Justin Lundgren, a solid leader for McDonough County Sheriff.

Stan Whitlock