The truth is coming to light. We are being held hostage and our economy is being decimated as a result of political warfare against our nation.

Why can Governor Pritzker’s wife travel to Wellington, FL to enjoy her equine activities when Illinois horse owners are NOT allowed to even visit their own horses close by in boarding facilities which are shut down and deemed non-essential?

Why can Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, keep her hair appointments during “shelter in place” when owners of hair salons are prevented from operating their OWN businesses?

Why can’t Illinois be governed like Iowa or Florida where only the most densely populated counties are still shut down? If so, most of the entire state of Illinois could be opened and go back to work.

Why are we being required to wear masks inside stores when they are not effective protection? If masks protect, why not wear them and go back to work?

Why are business owners, who are try to feed their families and open their shops, being handcuffed and given jail time when convicted murderers in prison are being turned loose?

Why are we still sheltering in place when over 60% of diagnosed Covid patients are elderly, non-working persons who have been staying in their homes?

Why is Dr. Fauci given credibility to forecast models and recommend draconian measures that ruin our freedoms and our economy when he has a history of granting millions of tax dollars to the Wuhan lab in China studying corona viruses? Dr. Fauci’s history is chilling when you know the truth.

Why are we so moral about EVERY life matters when it comes to Covid when over 60 million lives have been aborted as a “choice”?

We have been snookered, ambushed! It is time to use our common sense and get our lives back. This Covid 19 is proving to be less threatening than other flu epidemics so something more nefarious is underlying the continued restriction of our freedoms. This is an “impeachment in camouflage”.

Barbara Kuhns