Haubstadt, IN - June 24, 2018 -  Shannon Babb won Sunday night’s Summer Nationals event for the touring Dirt Car Racing Late Models.  It was his third SN win at Haubstadt in the last 5 years!  Babb had held on in a race against 22 other drivers and an impending rain storm.  He continues in leading the “Hell Tour” points as the tour continues. The Moweaqua, IL, driver started fifth in the 40 lap feature and was already running second on lap two.  One car separated Babb from being in the lead.  That car was driven by Texan Tyler Erb.  Erb had a very fast car and had started on the front row by virtue of leading group two qualifications in turning a 14.843 seconds lap.  Erb led the race for the first 13 laps.  Babb made the pass on lap 14 to take the lead. The race at the front was competitive throughout from first on back through the top ten.  The battle over second intensified.  Erb found Brian Shirley making repeated challenges as the two exchanged the runner-up position several times entering turn three and exiting turn four.  Erb, who was last year’s Tri-State Summer Nationals victor, would finish second.  He closed in again on the leader late in the race.  The second half of the feature included four restarts following yellow flags for collisions, spins, and debris. Veteran Billy Moyer moved past Brian Shirley with less than ten laps to go to claim third.  Moyer worked to  improve six spots during the feature.  Shirley was fourth with Ohio’s Rusty Schlenk claiming fifth.  Timothy Culp, Jason Feger, Frank Heckenast Jr., Chase Junghans, and Gordy Gundaker rounded out the top ten. The expected rain appeared as the cars were completing lap 37, but it was light.  The late model feature was completed in an abbreviated show.  With weather threatening late model heat races were not held.  All cars advanced to and lined up for the feature based on qualifications.  It was a co-operative and all-out effort to beat the rain.  But the rain increased and would eventually cause the rest of the show which was to include the Modified B and A features to be called off. The Summit Modifieds were present in force.  Four heat races were held for the 37 cars present.  Those were won by Dustin Beck, Brandon McDowell, Zach Fair, and Trent Young.  Fair had set the overall fastest time in group qualifications.  His best lap was a 16.225 seconds trip around the ¼ mile oval. The Summit Modified feature has been rescheduled and will be run on September 2.  Those cars qualified will be able to run in the make-up feature plus compete in the program already scheduled for that night. The management is offering a $5 discount on that night to anyone bringing a ticket stub or armband from the June 24th race. The next event on the schedule to be held at Tri-State Speedway will be the “Sprint Stampede” on Saturday July 14.  That program will feature the MSCS Sprints,  the MOWA Wing Sprints, and the MMSA Mini Sprints.  It will be a triple header all sprint program. Provided as News and Information for Tri-State Speedway. SUMMARY “SUMMER NATIONALS” DIRT CAR RACING LATE MODELS: (23 Entries) Top Qualifiers - Group #1 - 33e Tanner English, 14.924 seconds Group #2 - 91 Tyler Erb, 14.843 seconds Group #3 - C8 Timothy Culp, 15.188 seconds Feature (40 Laps) - 18 Shannon Babb, 91 Tyler Erb, 21 Billy Moyer, 3s Brian Shirley, CJ1 Rusty Schlenk, C8 Timothy Culp, 25 Jason Feger, 99jr. Frank Heckenast Jr., 18C Chase Junghans, 11G Gordy Gundaker, 4G Bob Gardner, 2 Nick Hoffman, 31aus Paul Stubber, 11D Brian Dively, 32 Bobby Pierce, 33e Tanner English, 16C Trent Young, 17X Matt Santel, 10K Daryn Klein, 24s Jeremy Sneed, 16 Rusty Griffaw, 25H Charles Hummer, 7R Kent Robinson. SUMMIT MODIFIEDS: (37 Entries) Overall Fastest Qualifier - 95x Zach Fair, 16.225 seconds First Heat - 75 Dustin Beck, 36 Kenny Wallace, 62K Joel Jenson, 88 Matt Crafton, 5L Kenny Carmichael, K13 Kendall Johnson, 81C Chris Cole, A1 Gary Bentley, 7m Mark Lamont, 50 Tyler Weiss Second Heat - 18 Brandon McDowell, MB4 Marty Lindeman, 95 Larry Anderson, 8K Levi Kissinger, 25 Rusty Griffaw, 3M Tres Mehler, 3 Kelly Riggs, 81 Mark Cole, 15T Cliff Tooley Third Heat - 95z Zach Fair, 22 Josh Harris, 11D Dave Beck, 84 Stan Beadles, 18L Randy Lines, 77 Shawn Cates, 5T Jonathan Taylor, 55W Lucas Wehmiller, 87 Samantha Beadles Fourth Heat - 10Y Trent Young, 16C John Clippinger, 41 Lance Foreman, 18T Tate Davenport, 8M Carl McGowin, 57 Matt Hines, 93W Brayden Watson, 5B Don Brantley, 15 Brandon Justus B Main & Feature - RAINED OUT