The Illinois Gymnastics Club of Olney competed at the USTA Tumbling and Trampoline National Competition held in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on June 12-16. The team earned National Champions in Tumbling, 3rd place in the nation in Double Mini and 4th place in the nation in Trampoline. The team brought home 11 first place National Champions, 8 second places, 13 third, 7 fourth places, 11 fifth places, 5 sixth places, 3 seventh places, 8 eighth places, 6 ninth places, 1 tenth places, etc. The team competed against 145 other teams from Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, and Georgia. The Illinois Gymnastics Club also brought home 9 team division awards: 1st place in Sub Beginner Boys tumbling, 1st place in Sub Beginner Girls tumbling, 2nd place in Intermediate Girls Tumbling, 1st place in Beginner Boys double mini, 2nd place in Beginner Girls Double mini, 1st place in Novice Girls double mini, 3rd place in Sub Advanced Girls double mini, 2nd place Beginner Boys trampoline, and 3rd place Intermediate girls trampoline. The Illinois Gymnastics Club competitive team consists of 65 athletes. Thirty-five of those attended the National competition in Ft Lauderdale. Team members Brody Roche, Lily Stevens, Lauryn Crowe, Brittney Thomas, Kaylie Ginder, Madison Bahl and Denver Doan (All members of the USTA National Team) were seen performing in the Parade of Champions. This is the sixth year in a row that the Illinois Gymnastics Club has gone undefeated in invitational competitions and are 6 time State Champions. The team is coached by Haley Smith, Chary Wilson, Jessica Bahl, Courtney Roche, Denver Doan and owners Kelly Henby and Donna Henby. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS National Champions: Kaylie Ginder, intermediate tumbling; Lauryn Crowe, intermediate tumbling; Bella Stevens, beginner double mini; Lily Stevens, novice double mini; Byron Ashley, novice double mini and intermediate trampoline; Izzy Hayes, beginner trampoline; Madison Farmer, novice trampoline; Brasyn Roche, sub beginner tumbling; Riley Moore, intermediate trampoline; Celie Peavler, sub beg tumbling. 2nd Place Finishers: Beau Stevens, sub beginner tumbling; Bella Stevens, beginner trampoline; Brody Roche, beginner double mini; Kaylie Ginder, novice double mini; Kaylie Ritter, novice trampoline; Lily Stevens, novice trampoline; Jenna Neil and Madison Bahl, Advanced synchro trampoline; Kenley Farmer, sub beg tumbling. 3rd Place Finishers: Bella Stevens, beginner tumbling; Kaylie Ritter, sub nov tumbling; Izzy Hayes, Beginner double mini; Celie Peavler, Beginner double mini; Denver Doan, Open Elite tumbling; Madison Bahl, advanced tumbling; Elizabeth Bahl, novice tumbling and sub advanced double mini; Madison Farmer, novice double mini; Megan Gallagher, novice double mini; Brody Roche, beginner trampoline; Siena Falcone, sub beg tumbling. 4th Place Finishers: Denver Doan, Age Elite tumbling and Age Elite Double mini; Grace Miller, beginner double mini; Ashley Hill, beginner double mini; Brasyn Roche, beginner double mini; Elizabeth Nolan, intermediate double mini; Brittney Thomas, sub advanced double mini; Jenna Neil, advanced double mini; Kaylie Ginder, intermediate trampoline. 5th Place Finisher: Lily Stevens, sub nov tumbling; Brittney Thomas, intermediate tumbling and sub advanced trampoline; Kenley Farmer, beginner double mini; Brasyn Roche, beginner trampoline; Naleigha Harrison, intermediate double mini; Riley Moore, sub advanced double mini; Talia Small, intermediate double mini and intermediate trampoline; Megan Gallagher, novice trampoline; Jenna Neil, advanced trampoline. 6th Place Finishers: Izzy Hayes, sub beginner tumbling; Lauryn Crowe, intermediate double mini; Denver Doan, Open Elite double mini; Grace Miller, beginner trampoline; Naleigha Harrison, intermediate trampoline. 7th Place Finishers: Ashley Hill, adv beg tumbling; Paisley Paddock, novice trampoline; Elizabeth Bahl, advanced trampoline. 8th Place Finishers: Luna Carabajal Reza, beginner tumbling; Megan Gallagher, sub nov tumbling; Lyla Stewart, beginner double mini; Willow Roberts, beginner double mini; Denver Doan, Age Elite trampoline and Open Elite trampoline; Madison Bahl, Age Elite double mini; Celie Peavler, beginner trampoline; Lauryn Crowe, sub advanced trampoline. 9th Place Finishers: Madison Farmer, sub nov tumbling; Naleigha Harrison, sub nov tumbing; Riley Moore, intermediate tumbling; Alysea Buckels, beginner double mini; Talia Small, advanced tumbling; Elizabeth Nolan, intermediate trampoline. 10th Place Finishers: Luna Carabajal-Reza, beginner trampoline. 11th Place Finishers: Jenna Neil, sub adv tumbling; Madison Bahl, Open Elite double mini. 12th Place Finishers: Brooklyn Gaither, intermediate double mini; Leah Weber, sub advanced double mini; Ashley Hill, novice trampoline. 13th Place Finishers: Alysea Buckels, Adv Beg tumbling. 14th Place Finishers: Byron Ashley, sub nov tumbling; Brooklyn Gaither, intermediate trampoline; Paisley Paddock, novice double mini. 15th Place Finishers: Kaylie Ritter, intermediate double; Madison Bahl, advanced trampoline. 16th Place Finishers: Lyla Stewart, beginner trampoline. 17th Place Finishers: Willow Roberts, beginner trampoline. 19th Place Finishers: Grace Miller, beginner tumbling; Elizabeth Nolan, intermediate tumbling; Leah Weber, sub adv tumbling. 21st Place Finishers: Kenley Farmer, beginner trampoline. 22nd Place Finishers: Leah Weber, sub adv trampoline. 29th Place Finishers: Luna Carabajal-Reza, beginner double mini. 30th Place Finishers: Alysea Buckels, beginner trampoline.